Budweiser Wants To Pay The Rent Of The “Hardest Working Hands” In America

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If you know someone who’s an hard worker, Budweiser might just give them $5,000 towards their housing costs.

They just launched a cool new contest to find the people with the “hardest working hands” in the country, meaning people who have worked tirelessly through the pandemic in a variety of fields.

It includes people in food-running, healthcare, construction, shift work and any other related field that has used their hands “the most” over the last year or so.

All you have to do is upload a photo showing your hands to social media explaining why they’re the “hardest working hands” in the country. According to Local 21 news, the photo must be uploaded by May 5th and end with the hashtags #HardestWorkingHands and #Contest.

Budweiser also recently did a “Swear, Sip, and Ski” campaign to send a lucky winner to Utah to drink beer, ski, and have a chance to forget the shit show of a year that was 2020.

Though this contest may not be quite as fun as that, it will be a stress reliever to some people who really deserve it, no doubt.

And hopefully, they’ll throw in a few 12-packs while they’re at it.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock