Morgan Wallen Reappears On Instagram, Says He Might Shave Off His Signature Mullet

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He’s back.

Morgan Wallen has been pretty silent on social media ever since the incident, I mean… virtually non-existent.

He issued an apology, and then recently broke his silence once more to say that he wouldn’t be touring this summer (as well as thanking the fans for their support). But today, he hopped on the ol’ Instagram to provide the fans with another update.

In the truck, with frequent collaborator Ernest riding alongside, Morgan told fans that he was on a mission to come back shredded and that he might shave his head.

“Y’all thought I was hiding… I’m out here getting after it.

If I don’t come back shredded on y’all, it’ll be a damn shame. Might shave my head too.”

Not gonna lie… for a dude that rocks a cutoff pretty regularly on stage, you best be working on those guns, son. Talk to Kip Moore or Tim McGraw… they’ll set you straight. So yeah, I share the sentiment that if you don’t come back shredded, you probably don’t have much of an excuse.

However, quarantine has turned me into a beer-drinkin’, pizza-eatin’, big bag of Jell-O… so… no judgement if you don’t.

And finally, on the mullet? Don’t do it…

Everybody wants to hack off their hair when they need a fresh start, but that’s not the move. It’s SO common to feel like you need to make a big physical change to coincide with this perceived change on the inside, but the two are not synonymous.

Make the inside changes, keep working on yourself, try to be a better dude, but keep the signature flow. Trust me, you’ll be happier for it.

Just my two cents…

Here’s the handwritten letter that he recently released:

There was no indication of whether Morgan was joking about that last part or not, but come on – the man’s rocking one of the best mullets in the game. He wouldn’t actually shave it off…would he?

Fans got another glimpse at what Morgan’s been up to earlier this week when Tyler Farr shared a photo of himself with Morgan, Jon Langston and songwriter Jared Mullins on a hunting trip.

It’s good to see Morgan doing well and using his time out of the spotlight to make some changes and work on himself.

I just hope one of those changes isn’t ditching the mullet.

I mean, just look at that thing.

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A beer bottle on a dock