Nashville Lifts Curfew Completely, Increases Capacity For Bars and Restaurants

A crowd of people in a street

One step closer to normal for Music City.

Following the city’s plan to gradually loosen restrictions as more residents are vaccinated, Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced that starting Friday at 12:01 AM, bars and restaurants will be allowed to stay open until their normal closing time of 3 AM.

That’s right – NO MORE CURFEW.

Bars and restaurants will also be able to increase their capacity to 225 patrons per floor, up from the 175 allowed under the current restrictions. Guests will still be required to remain seated and socially distanced inside – although, if you’ve been to Nashville recently you may be surprised to learn this requirement is still in effect because it seems like most bars have given up even trying to enforce it at this point.

Restaurants can increase their table size to up to 15 people inside and 25 outside, which also corresponds with limits on gathering size. And outdoor arenas are now allowed up to 40% capacity, while indoor arenas can have up to 33%.

Nashville has been gradually easing their restrictions for several months now, and the tourists are coming back in full force ready to take advantage.

A few weeks ago, photos went viral showing the streets of downtown Nashville packed like they were before the pandemic (and honestly, I think they’re even more packed now than they were before).

The good news is that these new rules increasing capacity should help more people actually get into the bars and off of the sidewalks.

And they’ll have an extra hour to party, too.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock