Morgane Stapleton Takes Over Chris’ Instagram On His Birthday, Shares Some Incredible Childhood Pics

A person and a boy

Well, today is the birthday of one of the greatest singer/songwriters of this generation… congrats on the big 4-3 to Mr. Chris Stapleton.

On top of that, it appears his wife Morgane has hacked the Instagram, and she’s giving us all a look at the best throwback kid pics she can find.

And it’s pretty damn funny.

“Hey, it’s Chris’ wife Morgane! Thought I’d take over & share some of my favorite snapshots of my most favorite person to celebrate his special day! I hope y’all will enjoy this as much as I do… Happy Birthday Babe!”

The first compilation of pics includes Stapleton around the ages of 2-3 and he’s decked out in cowboy gear. I guess some things never change, except ya know… the massive beard he has now.

The next compilation is of Chris as a child, and it continues on, essentially giving us a timeline of him as a kid.

I think it’s really cool to see stuff like this, because it once again helps us all realize that these guys and girls grew up just like us (at least most of them did).

So shoutout to Morgane for blessing our Instagram feeds with some classic pics of the great Chris Stapleton.

I mean, this is GOLD.

Like I said… GOLD.

Pulling off the rec specs like it’s nobody’s business.

Also, fair warning… I’m gonna have to meme the HELL out of some of these.

Happy Birthday Chris!

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