WATCH: Guy Intentionally Ties Knot In Fishing Line So He Can Pop The Question

A woman sitting on a rock near a river

Well played, bud, well played.

The engagement process puts dudes’ brains into a pretzel. Do you go big? The worry there is too big ends up being corny. Do you do something intimate? Are you trying to avoid a bunch of people around?

The list goes on. One of the best, and safest bets, is to do it outside with Mother Nature. Not to brag, but I popped the question in Tuscany over a sunset and 3 bottles of wine. It worked like a charm, and then we drank ourselves blind. I also ended up buying a pack of Marlboro Reds from an Italian man for some reason and the nicotine made my legs stop working. It was a romantic night to say the least.

This cat also did it right.

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Step one: pick the perfect spot outdoors

Step two: Take her fishin’

Step three: Intentionally tie a knot in your line and ask her for help

Step four: As she’s getting the knot out, pull that ring out and BOOM

Let the waterfall of tears flow like wine.

Watch it all go down.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock