Take A Trip Back To 1959 And See Johnny Cash And Elvis Impersonate Each Other

Talk about legendary.

I took a deep dive into the archives today, and found one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a long time:

Johnny Cash imitating Elvis Presley, and Elvis imitating Johnny.

Both of these guys had similar, electrifying styles in their prime, except Johnny didn’t shake his hips nearly as much as Elvis did back in the day.

Back in 1959, the two actually toured together, Cash as the opener.

On that tour, the two friends were notorious for impersonating each other, and there’s rare video footage of The Man In Black covering a few Elvis hits such as “Heartbreak Hotel,” while also hitting some of those signature dance moves.

It’s pretty funny to watch Cash shake his hips on stage with his hair all over the place, as he appears to lose self control out of jest and his bass player has to cool him down.

Then of course, Elvis had to return the favor. Unfortunately, there’s no video of Elvis covering Johnny Cash, but there are a few audio recordings of him singing “Folsom Prison Blues,” and “I Walk the Line,” and he absolutely crushes it.

Check out this badass moment in history, you won’t regret it.

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