Sour Warheads Hard Seltzer Is A Thing… As The Seltzer Craze Rolls On

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Oh, here we go again…

As the list of new seltzers continues to grow, today we add another to the list: “Warheads” Hard Seltzer.

If you were strong enough to endure the sourness of Warheads candy back in the day, and you’re a big time seltzer fan now, this is the drink for you.

Artisanal Brew Works has teamed up with Warheads candy to create the new seltzer, after their collaboration with the Warheads Sour Ales last year.

According to Food & Wine, Colin Quinn, co-founder of Artisanal Brew Works out of New York, elaborated on the new project, as well as working with Warheads:

“We figured that we’d jump out in front of it and just ask them if they were interested in working with us. As it turns out, they were very receptive, and really, really cool.

After making the Warheads beers for a while, the seltzers seemed like such a natural progression of that… it seemed like something that would work really well that would make people happy.”

The new flavors include Watermelon, Green Apple, Black Cherry, Lemon, and Blue Raspberry, along with some colorful cans.

The seltzer includes an ABV of 5%, and is available for pre-order on their website for a four pack of 16-0z cans for $15.

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A beer bottle on a dock