Comedian Finds Out Prince Phillip Passed Away Right In The Middle Of Scathing Bit About Prince Phillip


Australian comedian Lewis Spears was performing in Melbourne, Australia, last week when his set took a turn for the awkward.

In the middle of a conversation about the Royal Family, he started roasting the HELL out of 99 year old Prince Phillip. But then, Lewis found out one very important detail right there on stage… Prince Phillip had passed away less than an hour ago.

Of course, it made worldwide headlines when it happened, but Lewis didn’t happen to catch the news quite yet. I mean, the guy had a show to do. One audience member (which is still kind of a weird sight to see by the way) handed Lewis their phone to read the full statement from the Queen.

I mean, what are the odds?

And let’s just say, the unfortunate news of his passing didn’t stop Lewis from continuing right on with barrage of jokes.

“I’m gonna post this shit tomorrow. I can’t believe he died during my set… that’s fucking crazy.

I’m gonna get in so much trouble when I post that, and it’s making me a bit horny.”

And yeah, he caught some heat for it.

Of course, there were some fans that could appreciate the dark humor.

But the jokes are still flying.

Dark humor is definitely not for everybody… but I have to say, Lewis is pretty damn good at it.

And speaking of dark humor, Anthony Jeselnik is the master.

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