Announcers Go Bonkers After “Ginger Assassin” With Magnificent Mullet Converts First Televised 7-10 Split In 30 Years

Everybody who follows professional bowling knows that Pete Weber is the “bad boy” of the PBA.

He retired just last month, and with every villain, there needs to be a hero.

Who’s that hero you may ask?

Well let me introduce you to 18-year-old Anthony “The Ginger Assassin” Neuer, an American flag shirt bearin’, mullet wearin’ new face of the PBA.

The Lewisburg, Pa native is just starting to make a name for himself, but needless to say the kid has some serious game, and a signature look that is unforgettable.

A wise man once told me that great and successful men can sport the mullet like nobody’s business, and it’s still true today, as the kid made quite the impression at this year’s semifinals of the PBA U.S. Open.

After a tough break, Neuer was left with one of the most impossible shots in all of bowling:

The dreaded 7-10 split.

That’s when you’re left with only two pins, with one on each corner of the lane. Even the best of the best have a hard time with this shot, and the kid pulled it off during the biggest moment of his career.

After the pins fall, you can hear the announcers lose their f*ckin’ mind, and Neuer plays it off like he’s been doing this his whole life (and he probably has).

He ended up finishing 3rd in the U.S. Open, pretty damn good considering he was probably sitting in high school class taking chemistry this time last year.

The mullet mojo strikes again. I’m just saying, I would pay good money for Pete Weber to come out of retirement to see these two go head to head.

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