Cameras In Yellowstone Capture A Pack Of Wolves Playing With Traffic Cone They Stole

You never know what you might see at Yellowstone National Park.

Maybe it’s a majestic bison stampede, or maybe it’s a rare wolverine sighting caught on camera. Hell, you might even see a wife tear into her husband because he let their pit bull get too close to a bison, and get launched – “JESUS CHRIST RICHARD!”

This time around it’s a pack of wolves frolicking with…a stolen traffic cone.

RIFF Outdoors

From Kyle Warren who took the video:

Some of the members of the Wapati Wolf Pack were feeding on a bison carcass. They had taken one of the traffic cones several days prior from the road. I though the wolves were leaving the area. Instead, they grabbed the cone and started playing with it. The end of the video shows the pups playing on a snowbank.

Wolves are something else.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock