Teen Saves West Virginia Boy’s Life From 800 Miles Away After Seeing His ATV Flip On A Livestream

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Some heartwarming news coming from social media for a change.

A New Hampshire teen recently saved the life of a 12-year old boy in West Virginia after he saw the boy’s ATV flip on a TikTok livestream – from over 800 miles away.

According to WMUR, 13-year old Caden Cotnoir from Gilmanton, New Hampshire was watching as 12-year old Trent Jarrett was livestreaming a four-wheeler ride on his TikTok. The teen then saw the screen suddenly go black, and heard Jarrett yelling for help.

The quick-thinking Jarrett began yelling out the only phone number he could think of at the time – his grandparents’ house phone number. Cotnoir was then able to call the grandparents to tell them what had happened.

Jarrett’s parents were able to locate their son, who had flipped his four-wheeler, and remove the ATV off of him after he was trapped for about 20 minutes. Jarrett, thankfully, walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.

Caden, who only knows Trent from TikTok because of their shared interest in hunting, fishing and four-wheeling, got the chance to meet the boy that he saved on a Zoom call earlier this week.

There was a lot of quick thinking here from both of the boys – Trent for realizing in the moment that he was still livestreaming and thinking to call out his grandparents’ phone number, and Caden for realizing that Trent was in trouble and making the call that saved his life.

This may be the only time I ever say this but, in this instance: Thank God for TikTok.

Trent was obviously appreciative of Caden for helping him out in a scary situation.

“I’d just like to thank him for everything that he’s done.”

Right on, Trent. And Caden, well done.

That’s some hero shit if I’ve ever seen it.

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