Rory McIlroy Plunks His Own Dad With A Bad Golf Shot At The Masters

There’s a saying in golf that “the golf gods are either on your side or they aren’t,” meaning that when you’re playing well on the golf course, luck usually follows you. But on a bad day, you just can’t catch a break.

This was the case for PGA Tour golfer Rory McIlroy today at The Masters, as the guy caught one of the most unlucky breaks ever.

McIlroy has had a ton of success on the Tour, winning 27 times with four major championships. However, the guy has had a tendency to struggle at Augusta National, as it’s the only major he hasn’t won. This streak continued today, as he shot a discouraging 4-over par and is tied for 67th place after the first round.

It was a rough day for the Irishman, but perhaps the biggest low point of the day came on hole number seven, as he tried to hit a golf shot from the trees onto the green, but instead hit an off-line shot and nailed a fan in the leg.

This wasn’t just any fan, though. It was his DAD.

Yep, it was Gerry McIlroy. I mean what are the odds. The golf gods are just way too cruel sometimes. Luckily it appeared Gerry was alright (except for that huge bruise he’s gonna wake up with tomorrow), as he just looked backwards in disbelief.

And hey, maybe this was on omen.

You gotta remember though, McIlroy is Irish. His luck can turn around at any minute. It’s only day one of the tournament so he has some more time. It’s unlikely he comes back and wins the damn thing, but crazier things have happened.

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