Girl Chronicles Her Disastrous Bottomless Mimosa Brunch… All The Way Through Losing Her Front Teeth

How many times have you gone out to brunch, went full send on the bottomless mimosa deal, and pounded those bad boys to the point where you lose count… and/or consciousness?

I can definitely say I’ve caught my self stumbling out of brunch a time… or ten.

However I gotta say, I’ve never seen somebody quite on this girl’s level

TikTok user Autumncathey6 (we aren’t sure if that’s actually her name or not) decided to document her trip to brunch in attempt to go viral, and let’s just say it worked (for all the wrong reasons). Utilizing the common “this is me after” method of creating a TikTok video, she starts the adventure after four mimosas, and you can tell she’s already got a little buzz going.

Some friends and family jump into the mix and before you know it, we’re at eight mimosas (well actually seven, as her friend corrects her). Needless to say, our girl is off her arse here. But then, she makes the most obvious mistake that any brunch fiend getting white girl wasted could possibly make…. she hops on her (drunk) friend’s shoulders. I think you know where this is going…

BOOM. She falls off and eats face full of pavement, ultimately losing two things in this video: her dignity, and her teeth.

The video was removed by TikTok after the company claimed the incident was very dangerous, but she did provide her new fans with an update:

“I’M FINE!! They put the teeth right back in and put glue across my whole upper row of teeth!”

Well it’s good to know she got her teeth back. But still, the extent some people will go to for a drop of clout. Then again, if her goal was to go viral, I guess it worked out for the best.

She racked up more than 3.9 million views…

Here’s the full video:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock