Alabama RB Najee Harris Says NFL Draft Expert Todd McShay Can “Kiss His A**”

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It’s just about time for the NFL Draft to roll around, so sports media and draft “experts” are throwing around a bunch of educated guesses on where certain players will land, and how high they’ll be drafted.

Of course, nobody truly knows until the draft is officially over, so people just like to make bold predictions and give their opinions on players just so they have something to talk about and stir the pot during the offseason.

Two very well known draft experts include Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay, and they must’ve said something about former Alabama running back Najee Harris that he didn’t like. Harris joined Adam Schefter’s podcast this week, and Schefter read McShay and Kiper’s scouting report on the future NFL running back. Needless to say, Harris was a little offended, especially by McShay:

Here’s McShay’s synopsis:

“Harris has excellent size and decent top-end speed. He was a much more decisive runner as a senior, showing oily hips for a big back and playing light on his feet. He gets in and out of breaks quickly, has excellent ball security and he’s a slippery runner between the tackles but he has acceleration limitations.

Harris showed tremendous improvement as a pass-catcher in 2020 with a big catch radius and an ability to adjust to balls thrown outside his frame. He also shows good aggressiveness in pass pro.”

Here’s Najee’s response:

“I think Todd McShay can kiss my ass.”

Sheesh, my guy really wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And perhaps the craziest part is that McShay really didn’t even say anything wrong. He simply said that Harris has “improved” as a pass catcher.

Is there anything wrong here? Sounds like a compliment to me.

Najee expounded on the comment:

“How is he gonna say ‘He showed better production?’ I did not play my freshman or sophomore seasons, rarely, ever. I didn’t have an opportunity to show I could catch. It’s not ’cause I can’t, it’s ’cause I wasn’t in the game to show people I could catch.

So let’s just stop looking at the stat sheet and watch the game.”

Ah, that explains it… (ok, not really).

Harmless comment or not, these “experts” really have no idea how these players will fare in the league until they actually get there.

I mean shit, these “experts” also said that Mitch Trubisky could be a franchise quarterback after starting only one year at North Carolina. So at the end of the day, an opinion is only an opinion.

Harris is expected to be the first or second running back off the board this year… check out the highlight reel.

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