Texas Man Sells Original Super Mario Bros. Game For Record-Setting $660,000

A couple of game controllers

Remember growing up when your parents would yell at you for playing video games too long? Well in 2021, they can go kick rocks as the video game industry has become one of the more rapidly growing industries, especially with vintage merchandise.

This week, according to CNN, a Texas man sold his Super Mario Bros. game for the NES at a whopping $660,000, AKA the highest price EVER for a video game.

Apparently, the game was received as a Christmas Game in 1986. Instead of opening it and playing it instantly, like me and my Nintendo 64 games on Christmas as a child, he put it in his desk drawer and forgot about it.

“It stayed in the bottom of my office desk this whole time since the day I bought it. I never thought anything about it.”

Imagine forgetting about something for 35 years and then turning it into over half a million dollars overnight? How come I can’t get that lucky?

The production of this game in particular went for such a short time that it’s considered an extremely rare game. Since it was never opened, it makes the item that much more valuable.

To me this raises so many questions, and now I have myself second guessing my entire childhood. Maybe I would’ve been better off not playing Mario Kart and keeping it in the box, does anyone know if Matchbox cars have any value? Because I have a couple hundred of those in my parents’ basement…

I guess the moral of the story is that hoarding does have its benefits. I mean, this guy has 660,000 reasons to hold on to Christmas gifts you don’t care about.

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A beer bottle on a dock