Paige Spiranac Says Enough Is Enough With The Bryson DeChambeau Coverage

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So the Paige Spiranac/Bryson DeChambeau chronicles continue…

I’m beginning to think that Paige needs to start getting paid for torching people on Twitter on a daily basis, whether it’s trolls or weirdos like DeChambeau.

Just a couple weeks ago, she dropped the hammer on Australian media personality Francis Leach after he tried to come after her for simply being a model, and before that, she had a series of tweets roasting pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau, really for just being himself.

Now it’s Masters week, arguably the biggest week in golf every single year, and she’s back at it with the Bryson roasts.

Bryson is known to be very prideful about how far he hits the golf ball, and for some reason, The Golf Channel just eats it up. Here you see a live coverage video of DeChambeau hitting his driver on the driving range at Augusta National, and he looks like he’s about to swing out of his shoes he’s swinging so hard.

Paige, and countless other golf fans, are fed up with the Bryson coverage, and I don’t blame them at all. Yes, the guy does hit it far, but there are so many other better golfers out there who need more attention.

Spiranac put the The Golf Channel (and Bryson) on notice with one simple tweet:

And for the record, the 2019 Masters was the year Tiger Woods won it most recently.

She’s just stating the facts.

When we turn on The Golf Channel, we want to watch good golf coverage. Not a weird ass dude who’s trying to break his back in four different places every time he swings a golf club.

Trust me, she’s not alone…

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