VIDEO: Willie Nelson Performs “Always On My Mind” Live From Austin City Limits Back In 1990

Let’s spin it back three decades real quick.

Here we see Willie Nelson singing one of his all-time greatest hits, “Always On My Mind,” at the iconic Austin City Limits back in 1990. Rocking signature cowboy hat and tank top, he delivered a badass performance of the song, right there in his home state of Texas.

Written by Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher and Mark James, “Always On My Mind” was originally released by BJ Thomas in 1970 before being recorded by Gwen McCrae and Brenda Lee in 1972. Elvis Presley then recorded his version in 1972 as well, before Willie Nelson took his turn with the song a decade later in 1982.

“Always On My Mind” will forever be an all-time classic, and it might even be more impressive considering everything he was going through during this performance.

Around the time this performance was filmed, Nelson was notified by the IRS that he owed about $17 million in unpaid taxes, and they seized a ton of his assets. Imagine being $17 mil in the hole, and still getting on stage to put on a legendary show for all to see.

It takes some courage to step up on stage with so much on your mind (no pun intended) and give the fans a performance to remember.

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