NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin On Why He’s Not That Popular With Fans: “My Resting B*tch Face Is Really Bad”

Denny Hamlin with a microphone

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin has more Top 5 finishes than anybody this year, he’s running away with the points race, and although he wasn’t won a race yet this year, he’s off to a helluva start.

But he has a serious disease that needs to be cured ASAP: Resting Bitch Face Syndrome.

Since the man began his NASCAR career back in 2004, it’s been no secret that the dude just doesn’t look happy… or all that nice.

However, the man sat down for an interview with sports talk show host Dan Patrick back in July of 2019, and turns out, the dude seems like a pretty cool guy. They talked everything from Charlotte life, to Michael Jordan, Dale Jr., and more, and then Dan decided to discuss what the NASCAR world had been waiting for:

“Last year on Dale Jr.’s podcast, you said there’s a reason why you feel unpopular, you don’t take good pictures. You always look like you’re angry.”

Hamlin’s response?

“I gotta bad resting bitch face.”

Dan said in response:

“Is it true that you just don’t look friendly or nice? What look are you going for here?”


“Um, ya know, I just think that my resting bitch face is really bad. That’s all I can think of ya know. I’m thinking! I’m thinking about things like why is my car not going faster?”

So turns out, Hamlin isn’t a mean or angry guy at all. He just has a really bad game face. Maybe he just needs to think about smiling every now and then when he’s in the zone. Of course, he’s gotten into a few clashes with some other popular drivers in the past, but hey, that’s what makes NASCAR great.

“The fans don’t forget…”

Here’s the full interview, and fast forward to the nine minute mark to hear about the RBF if ya like.

So Denny might be a nice guy after all…. although, if you’re a shitty Uber driver, Denny will light you up.

And of course, some of Hamlin’s best/funniest moments:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock