Singer/Songwriter Jon Randall Releases New EP ‘Neon Texas’

Jon Randall just released an awesome new EP, Neon Texas.

He’s ⅓ of the trio that also includes Miranda Lambert and Jack Ingram on their upcoming project, The Marfa Tapes, which is already shaping up to be something special from the few songs they’ve released so far.

But, aside from this powerhouse trio, he’s a musician and producer in his own right. He previously played guitar for country icon Emmylou Harris and has produced several albums for Dierks Bentley

It’s been a while since he released music of his own, and this new project is just incredible. If you’re looking for meaningful, well-crafted, descriptive lyrics that also sound good and are enjoyable to listen to, look no further.

According to Randall, the EP was:

“Inspired by life in my home state.”

And you can hear Texas in every line. It’s nostalgic, wistful and you can imagine yourself in every single song because of the detail he’s clearly taken the time to arrange perfectly.

The first track and my personal favorite, “Tequila Kisses” (which seems like a darker, brooding stepsister to the aforementioned trio’s “Tequila Does”), is about a lost love inspired by several different facets of his life:

“I have joked about this song being my own true story, to which Jessi (his wife, Jessi Alexander) has responded by correcting me through a laugh. Fair enough.

The truth is I have met, experienced and witnessed so many weird and strange people and situations over the years, that sometimes parts of those stories seep into my subconscious while I’m writing, and a new story is formed. Somehow I feel like I am telling someone’s true story, even if it isn’t my own.”

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