Dustin Johnson Has Pigs In A Blanket On His Masters Dinner Menu

Dustin Johnson in a green coat
Rob Carr/Getty Images

You know what they say… you can take take the boy out of South Carolina, but you can’t take the South Carolina out of the boy.

Dustin Johnson has racked up 24 wins on the PGA Tour since he joined in 2007, including last year’s Masters Championship. For those that don’t know, the winner of the previous Masters gets to choose the dinner selection for the Club dinner the next year.

Usually these PGA Tour golfers have a very upscale taste, requesting food that you would never think existed, but that’s not necessarily Johnson’s style…

The Columbia, South Carolina native has always been known to keep things simple, whether it involves golf or life in general.

So what did Johnson choose for this year’s upcoming Masters Club Dinner?

Good ol’ fashioned pigs in a blanket.

Yep, the number one ranked golfer in the world chose pigs in a blanket for an appetizer, along with lobster and corn fritters. On top of that, the main course is filet mignon with mashed potatoes, and peach cobbler, and apple pie with vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

Now if that ain’t a southern meal, I don’t know what is. But who can blame the guy though, you can’t mess up pigs in a blanket, it’s good wherever you get it. I just can’t wait to see other tour players reactions when they see a hot dog wrapped up in a crescent roll put in front of them… now that will be a sight.

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