Hardy Almost Passed Out Getting An IV For A Hangover In A Fire Station Closet

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Hardy was on fellow country singer/songwriter Ernest’s podcast recently, Just Being Ernest, and revealed one of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard when it comes to battling a raging hangover.

And I have to admit, he’s damn pretty funny and definitely has a way with words. Sonically speaking, some of his songs aren’t quite my taste, but he’s a clever wordsmith and he does tell some great stories through his songs.

This particular story starts at a bar in L.A. while Hardy was on tour with friend Morgan Wallen a couple years ago:

“We kept drinking, and you know how like, it’s the marathon not a sprint thing. Where you can drink for eternity and not get more drunk, you just feel awesome. We hit that til like 4 in the morning.

I wake up the next morning and I have the worst hangover I’ve ever had, top three or four hangovers I’ve had.”

He decided to try a more modern method as a cure, an IV. I guess they’re popular in bigger cities for this sort of thing, so he trekked over three miles in downtown Hollywood to try to find a place to get one to no avail.

Apparently, someone he knew had a connection at a local fire station where they could help him out…

“I walk up and they have the garage door open and I’m thinkin’ they’re like ‘Oh yeah, Hardy man this is so cool!’ The guy was literally like ‘Get in here, get in here’, and I was like already I hate this.

So they put me in a closet, okay, and the guy, the medic or whatever at the firestation, was like we’re gonna lock this door just in case our boss ever comes through. We’ll get in a lot of trouble. My anxiety is already through the roof and that doesn’t help.”

At this point right here- I’m out. Some random fire station in LA where they put you in a closet, lock the door, and attempt to stick a needle in your arm? No thank you…

“I’ve never fainted. This is the only time I got within an inch of fainting. The guy is hooking up my IV and he’s got his finger over the blood tube thing. He stuck me and he’s holding his finger over it to grab the other tubs to connect it.

He just forgets and he takes his finger off the tub and I look down and my blood is just pouring out of my body onto the floor.

So much that I can hear it hitting the floor like I’m peeing. When I looked at it dude, my vision went to like I was looking through a thimble, or an IV needle, whatever. I felt myself like leaving, I could feel it.”

Although he never ended up actually fainting, he notes it was close enough to a near death experience.

“I feel like that’s what it’s like when you’re about to die. I think my hangover was so bad I probably needed two bags.”

Seems like a good time to play this…

You can watch the full episode below:

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