Bud Light Reveals New Pizza-Flavored Hard Seltzer

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Just when I thought the hard seltzer craze had hit its peak…

We’ve seen several hard seltzer experiments released already this year. You have the new PBR Hard Tea, Truly “Extra” Hard Seltzer, and even Luke Bryan bought in and released a new hard seltzer of his own.

Now, it’s Bud Light’s turn… and they have something fucking wild…

Announced yesterday, Bud Light has unveiled a new “pizza” flavored seltzer.

Yes, you heard that correctly. If you’re a huge fan of hard seltzer, and also a pizza fanatic, this is a dream come true for you as you get the best of both worlds.

The new release comes in four incredible pizza flavors, such as pepperoni, extra cheese, anchovy (my personal favorite), and even veggie for you vegans out there.

You’re probably thinking, this project sounds extremely interesting, so interesting that it seems like it couldn’t be true. Well, you’re right. It’s completely fake.

Bud Light decided to get a little edgy and release an April Fools Day prank a day early, and Bud Light and seltzer fans alike have been going wild.

I mean honestly though, this would be absolutely disgusting. Anchovy flavored hard seltzer? You might as well just throw anchovies in a blender and mix it with vodka. It would literally taste the exact same.

Hey, come to think of it, that might be a great punishment the next time me and my buddies play a drinking game.

Not gonna lie, this was a complete joke by Bud Light. However, some of their responses to tweets have me thinking they really don’t hate this idea… Stranger things have happened.

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