The Rock Does Tequila Shot Challenge, Chugs Half A Bottle Of His “Teremana Tequila”

A man drinking from a bottle

The People’s Champ.

The Rock’s new Teremana Tequila has been a smashing success, on track to sell over 300,000 cases in its first year. And just for a little perspective, George Clooney’s Casamigos did about 175,000 in its first year and look where that is today.

And it’s actually pretty damn good.

It’s not George Strait’s Codigo Tequila, but it’s pretty damn good, and relatively affordable. In fact, I got a bottle on my bar cart right now. Plus, The Rock drinks it all the time (obviously) and he knows his way around a good tequila.

But recently, he took to TikTok to participate in the “Tequila Shot Challenge.” The rules are pretty simple: Take a tequila shot without making a face.

And Rock went one further… he drank half the bottle.

But not so fast…

As it turns out, the video that garnered nearly 8 million views is actually a fake. The original footage is from this past May when The Rock’s friend challenged him to chug some of his new Teremana. The Rock delivered, downing more than half the bottle before revealing that it was actually filled with water.


Some folks caught on, others bought the prank, and while I don’t doubt that he could put away half a bottle in one sip (and still function), why would you really want to?

Here’s the original video from last spring.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock