Military Father Fights Back The Tears To Give His Son’s First Salute After Graduating Officer Candidate School

A man and a woman in military uniforms

It’s always cool to see a touching father/son moment, especially when it involves a military background. Usually, we see these videos of military fathers and mothers returning home from deployment, and surprising their kids.

This kind of stuff has been known to make several grown men cry, but this military father/son moment is touching in a different way.

Here, we see Master Sgt. Michael Fisher of the United States Marines giving his son his first salute as he’s becoming a second lieutenant, fresh out of Officer Candidate School.

As you can see in the video, the father is doing all he can to hold it together as he talks to his son before giving the first salute, but as he raises that right hand, he just can’t quite hold in the emotions any longer.

I mean how cool is that. The man who probably inspired you to join the military, is the guy who gives you your first salute as second lieutenant. I’m not sure if it can get anymore touching than that, folks.

Excuse me while I go have a good grown-man cry…

Marines Host Hilarious Funeral For Their Porn Collection After Group Of Mormons Arrive On Base.

Back in 2009, Golf Company 2/9, was based at FOB Eagle in Iraq for their entire deployment. Eventually, they were replaced by a bunch of reservists from Utah, AKA Mormons, so the good lads decided on a better way to dispose of their porn collection.

Here’s a comment from Reddit by a solider that was there:

“This was on my deployment to Ramadi, Iraq in 2008-2009. This took place at a company FOB named FOB Eagle. We were being relieved by a reserve battalion from Salt Lake City.

Most of those Marines were Mormon and didn’t want any of the smut that we had stock piled. I wasn’t part of this nonsense because this is 1st platoon while I was in 3rd platoon. This video has made the rounds a lot.”

I’m dying.

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