Michael Strahan Has Officially Removed His Signature Front-Tooth Gap

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Guys, the wait is over.

Michael Strahan has officially gotten rid of his signature gap in between his front two teeth.

I honestly thought the day would never come. I mean the guy is a retired star defensive end for the New York Giants, a Super Bowl champ, and also a huge media personality. It’s not like the guy has been lacking money or anything to get the job done, but at the age of 49, I guess it’s better late than never.

Of course, Strahan has always been very vocal about his look, as his parents taught him as a child to embrace the look he was given. Ever since then, he’s made the decision to feel comfortable in his own skin.

He’s even been known to say:

“I rock my gap with pride! It’s who I am!

But now, according to TMZ, Strahan teamed up with Dr. Lee Gause at Smile Design Manhattan, because he was finally ready to see what he’d look like with perfect teeth. As of right now, the piece is removable, but based on Strahan’s reaction, we could see it go permanent sometime in the future.

He announced the huge event on Twitter earlier today:

Lookin’ good Michael, Lookin’ good.

Also, it’s been pretty cool seeing some of the fans responses:

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