Joe Diffie Honored With Anonymous “Billy Bob + Charlene” Water Tower Painting On One-Year Anniversary Of His Death

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Everybody knows that Joe Diffie’s song “John Deere Green” is the ultimate ’90s country love song.

Who doesn’t want what Billy Bob and Charlene had? That’s love. I mean, there’s nothing better than a small town romance that ends with “Billy Bob loves Charlene” in three foot high letters on the water tower, painted in good ol’ John Deere Greene, am I right?

As you probably know, Joe Diffie passed away last year due to complications with COVID-19. The country music world mourned the loss of a friend and ’90s country legend.

Several people paid tribute to the ’90s country legend, from a John Deere parade in his neighborhood, to Jon Pardi covering his song “Pickup Man.” However, one fan paid tribute in a much more specific way.

One the one-year anniversary of his death, an anonymous artist in Old Hickory, TN, painted “Billy Bob + Charlene” inside of a heart on a water tower, and of course, painted it in John Deere green.

We can only hope that the town leaves this here forever in remembrance of the late, great country music hero.

Whoever you are, anonymous artist, you’re a real one.

“To the artist brave enough to climb the water tower, thank you for the tribute! (We do not want people to risk their safety) I do however hope this is kept by the county. #DiffieStrong”

And of course, the song:

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