Nike Sues Lil Nas X Over “Satan Shoes” (That Didn’t Take Long)

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Welp, that didn’t take long…

After Lil Nas X debuted his new “Satan Shoes,” complete with the satanic pentagram, the numeral 666, and a real drop of human blood, people were up in arms that Nike would release such a thing.

Even the expected #1 NFL draft pick Trevor Lawrence wasn’t having it.

Only problem, Nike didn’t release them, a company called MSCHF did (in partnership with Lil Nas X of course). Basically they bought a bunch of shoes (666 pairs to be exact) and customized them.

Nike quickly released a statement saying they had nothing to do with the launch, but you know how the internet works…. nobody reads anything, they start calling for a boycott, and Nike is left stuck in the crossfire.

So they lawyered up.

According to Fox News, Nike filed a lawsuit today:

“Nike filed a trademark infringement and dilution complaint against MSCHF today related to the Satan Shoes.

We don’t have further details to share on pending legal matters. However, we can tell you we do not have a relationship with Lil Nas X or MSCHF. The Satan Shoes were produced without Nike’s approval or authorization, and Nike is in no way connected with this project.”

Naturally, Lil Nas X responded as he often does, on Twitter, with a meme.

Stay tuned…

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