Luke Combs Debuts New Song “We Still Drink Beer,” Inspired By Guy On Twitter With A Beer Box On His Head

A man playing a guitar next to another man playing a guitar

Luke Combs has been known to write a beer drinkin’ song or two, and it looks like he’s just worked up yet another good one.

Inspired by a guy named Billy McKee who reached out to Luke on Twitter asking for a reply, Billy had a badass picture of him on his knee chugging a Miller Lite with a case on his head, along with all of the groomsmen taking a chug as well.

Of course, Luke being Luke, he responded to “beer box head guy” (that’s what Combs referred McKee as) by writing a song with Dan & Reid Isbell titled, “We Still Drink Beer.”

The video had a perfect ending too, as Reid threw a Miller Lite case on his head. And on top of the legendary response, this song has potential to be a banger too. With “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” “1,2 Many,” and more already in the arsenal, it’s good to know that we could potentially be getting another great beer drinking song to add to the rotation this summer.

You can never have too many beer songs, am I right?

“I know I got a lot of beer songs, but here’s another one.”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock