Montana Senator Gets All Nostalgic For The Days When “Meth Was Homegrown”

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Ah, the sweet nectar of nostalgia.

A popular topic in today’s country music, nostalgia is infectious, it’s relatable. Songs that harken back to simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated, so disposable. It’s a feeling that we love because we’re all just trying to get back there.

Back to the days when you were just a kid fishing with your grandpa, back to that Friday night at that Homecoming football game, your first kiss, your first car… and  a delicious bump of that homegrown Montana meth.

Wait, what…

Montana Senator Steve Daines recently gave a speech regarding the influx of Cartel-made drugs in the state of Montana, and he took a… unique approach to drive his point home. Long story short, he misses that homegrown, Montana-made, lab-to-table meth that they made twenty years ago.

Yeah… appealing to nostalgia and the “good ol’ days” probably isn’t the best way to handle a conversation about illegal (and deadly) narcotics.

Utah Senator Mike Lee gets it.

Look at his face (far right) during this whole ordeal… he has all he can do to not burst into laughter.

My experience with meth pretty much starts and ends at a few seasons of Breaking Bad, but I suppose there is something be said about homegrown meth. I mean, we all like things made close to home, right? Gimme a mom and pop show over a corporate giant like Walmart or Target any day. Sounds to me like the Mexican Cartel and Amazon have a lot in common… just pushing out the little guys.

All of this actually reminds me a bit of that old song by Tim McGraw, “Back When.”

“Back when a hoe was a hoe
Coke was a coke,
And the meth that you were doin’
Was made right here at home…”

Sing it Tim.

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