Remember When George Strait Whooped This Guy’s A**?

George Strait wearing a hat and a red shirt with a white mask on his face

Anybody on this planet can tell you who George Strait is. Country music fan or not, everybody knows the King.

However, not everybody knows that ol’ George had himself a little acting gig.

Back in 1992, George starred as country music singer Dusty Wyatt Chandler in Pure Country, all about his journey to play “pure country music” instead of just putting on a show for a crowd.

Not gonna lie, the acting is a little cringy, but there’s one scene in the movie where George, or Dusty rather, quietly walks up to the guy who’s trying to win over his girl’s heart, whoops his ass, and quietly walks back inside like nothing ever happened.

I mean sheesh, I didn’t know George had it in him. The guy’s nose was already broke (car door) and George delivered a mean right hook to the nostrils, and then stepped on the guy’s already broken hand.

Come at the King you best not miss, eh?

Needless to say, I think we’re all happy the man stuck to his day job, however, there is one great thing that came from the movie: The Pure Country album.

Checkout Dusty Wyatt Chandler rocking out to “Heartland” on stage.

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