Justin Moore Previews Upcoming Album With New “She Ain’t Mine No More”

Cody Villalobos

Not gonna lie, I’m PUMPED for this record.

Announced yesterday, Justin Moore is gearing up to release his new 8-song album, Straight Outta The Country, featuring Justin’s current single “We Didn’t Have Much,” as well as this brad new one, “She Ain’t Mine No More.”

Written by Justin, along with Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin, and Jeremy Stover, “She Ain’t Mine No More” is a good, old-fashioned country heartbreaker.

Here’s a snippet of the chorus:

“She ain’t mine no more
Done got her moving on, moving for sure
It’s clear as day and here tonight
Like a lettin’ go long-gone neon sign
She ain’t mine no more.”

Straight Outta The Country is set for release on April 23rd.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock