Twitter Sounds Off On “Peepsi,” The New Peeps-Flavored Monstrosity From Pepsi

A group of yellow corn

Oh, come on….

First of all, Peeps are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. A disgrace to candy, marshmallows, bunnies, chicks, Easter, the resurrection of Jesus… an utter disgrace to humanity, both in the past and in the ages to come. Get rid of it…

Although, that’s apparently just my opinion since Pepsi decided to go all-in on a Spring collaboration with Peeps. That’s right people…. Peeps-flavored Pepsi.

Kill me…

And while their marshmallow-flavored soda is even more of an abomination than the aforementioned product itself, Twitter couldn’t help but state the obvious… why the fuck didn’t they call it Peepsi?

Twitter isn’t having it and neither am I.

Shay gets it…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock