Luke Combs Debuts New Song “See Me Now,” & Hot DAMN It’s A Good One

He done did it again.

LC3 is on the way, and according to Luke, it’s “gonna be real damn good.” Ok, I added the “damn” but I think we all can agree… it’s gonna be real damn good.

And in true Luke Combs fashion, he’s giving fans an early taste of what he’s been cooking up.

Written by Luke himself, along with Ray Fulcher, James McNair and Kenton Bryant, this new one is called “See Me Now.”

Check out this chorus:

“If you walked in, pulled up a chair in the kitchen
Poured a little something for some sippin’
And said tell me about all the things I’ve been missin’
We’d be trashing the price of gas and politicians
Put a hurtin’ on an old Gibson
And I could tell you about all the life I’ve been livin’
I’d like to think you’d be the proudest guy in town
If I could see you, see me now.”

Oh, come ON with it.

Honestly, on just the initial first listen, this might be one of my favorite tunes from Luke.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock