Georgia Auto Shop Dumps 91,500 Oily Pennies On Former Employee’s Driveway For His Last Paycheck

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Oh man, talk about petty.

According to WJCL, Georgia man Andreas Flaten left his job at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in November. After waiting around for his final paycheck, and even turning to the Georgia Department of Labor for help, Flaten finally got his money earlier this month….

All $915 of it. In pennies. Dumped in his driveway.

Oh, and they were covered with oil or grease.

That’s right: 91,500 oily pennies. And they even left his paystub on top of the pile.

Holy shit. Now I’ll start out by saying I have no idea what happened between Flaten and his former employer. Flaten claims he left because the “toxic work environment and constant turnover took a toll.” But damn, to be so mad at somebody for quitting their job that you spend all that time unwrapping and counting out 91,500 pennies – and then hauling them and dumping them in their driveway?

I’ve paid bets in pennies before when I was pissed that I lost, but we’re talking like a hundred bucks here. And even THAT was a pain in my ass. So Walker must have been REALLY pissed to spend all that time getting together $915 in pennies.

The pennies, which Flaten figured up to weigh around 500 lbs, now sit in a wheelbarrow in his garage. And his nightly routine consists of cleaning the oily substance off of them so that he can cash them in – a process that Flaten says took him about an hour and a half just to clean off several hundred.

When asked about the pennies, the owner of the auto shop, Miles Walker said:

“I don’t know if I did that or not, I don’t really remember.”

He also called Flaten a “fucking weenie” for bringing it up.

Sounds like a gem of a guy, really.

The webpage for Walker Autoworks also now contains a note on its website assuring customers that they also accept pennies as payment:

“And yes we accept pennies as payment! They are cash you nitwits!”

Probably a good thing they do, because after this stunt you’ve gotta think he’s going to have a lot of customers paying him in pennies too.

As for Flaten, he and his girlfriend Olivia Oxley say they’re just trying to make the best of the situation, and are even hoping they find some treasures among all those pennies:

“With that many pennies, we’re bound to find a few treasures. I’ve already found one from 1937. After the first shovel full, all we could do was laugh because this poor miserable man took so much time to be vindictive and cruel.

We absolutely refused to let him ruin a single moment of ours.”

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