This Police Canine = BIG Eric Church Guy

Look out Joanna Cotten. Seems like you’ve got some competition.

The Shaker Heights, Ohio Police Department recently posted a video of their police K9, Igor, belting out some “Springsteen” during a recent patrol as the Eric Church hit played on the radio.

According to the SHPD, Igor is Eric Church’s #1 fan and has been working on his rendition of “Springsteen” for months. And they even suggested that Eric and Igor team up for a duet at this year’s ACM Awards.

I mean, who wouldn’t love that? Everybody loves dogs, everybody loves Eric Church, it’s a win-win. Can you imagine Chief walking out onstage with Igor at his side? Talk about ELECTRIC.

Fortunately I think Joanna Cotten’s job is probably safe for now, but if she decides to hang it up for whatever reason, it’s good to know Igor is on the bench ready to step up as Eric’s backup singer if he’s needed.

Aren’t dogs the best?

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