Pittsburgh Steelers WR Chase Claypool Filmed Kicking A Guy In The Face During Parking Lot Bar Brawl

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David Rosenblum via Getty Images

Chase Claypool is a pro at embarrassing opposing defensive backs on the football field, and had himself one hell of a breakout season this past year.

But off the field, that’s another story…

According to TMZ, the 22-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was seen getting down and dirty at the Wild Goose Tavern in Costa Mesa, CA, back on March 13th. Sources say that a guy was throwing dollar bills at a woman in the bar, and things quickly escalated into a fight outside. Claypool was allegedly not an instigator in the fight, and even spent most of the video seemingly trying to break it up, but he eventually jumps in as the fight continued to roll on delivering a quick kick to another dude’s face.

“We’re told Chase was NOT an instigator — but as you can see in the video, things started to get out of control and Chase jumped into the action to help out one of his buddies.”

When his friends finally realize that he has an NFL career to look out for, they pull him away from the dogpile, pleading with him to calm down.

It is unknown if the guy who got kicked by Claypool plans to take any legal action, but either way, a dumbass move from Claypool. When will dudes learn that fighting in a bar is stupid, even if you’re a regular guy, let alone an All-Rookie Team wideout with a bright future. I mean, just ask that Oklahoma wide receiver how his bathroom bar brawl turned out for him… dude almost lost his eye.

And while we aren’t sure who initiated what at the bar, I gotta say… if I saw a 6’4 240-pound wide receiver locking eyes with me in a bar brawl, you best believe I’m running straight out the door… I’m not trying to get my head punted by a professional football player.

Here’s a better look:

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