Tyler Childers’ 5 Most UNDERRATED Songs

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Let’s get ready to piss some people off.

Any time you make a list, no matter who the artist is or what the topic is about, you’re inevitably going to get a zillion “what about this” or “what about that” comments.

But when it comes to an artist like Tyler Childers (where all the songs are great), that’s what makes it so fun.

And while I know Tyler has a ton of unreleased material that would wipe the floor with 90% of the music on country radio, for purposes of this list, I’m keeping it to things he’s recorded. And yeah, that includes the live recordings from Red Barn Radio as well as the Our Vinyl Sessions.

And finally, what does “underrated” mean? I think we can all agree that “Whitehouse Road” and “Feathered Indians” are not underrated, nor is “Lady May,” “Shake The Frost” or “Nose On the Grindstone” even though they might not be as appreciated by the masses as they should be.

But relative to Tyler’s catalog, what are some of the songs that get overlooked? What are some of the ones that probably won’t be at the top of most people’s lists?

So, in my humble opinion (and debate is welcome), here are the 5 most UNDERRATED Tyler Childers songs.

5. “Banded Clovis”

4. “Matthew”

3. “Rock Salt & Nails”

*I know it’s a cover…

2. “If Whiskey Could Talk”

1. Follow You To Virgie

And an honorable mention featuring one of his unreleased gems…

“Honest Work”

Let the debate begin…

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