Luke Combs Says Album Three Is “Gonna Be Real Good”

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Giddy up.

Luke Combs is in the studio. I repeat, Luke Combs is in the studio.

He actually started recording at the beginning of the month, right after his birthday, and no, this is not the upcoming bluegrass record that he promised us.

Nope… according to Luke, LC3 is on the way and it’s “gonna be real good.”

Ever since Luke stepped on the scene a few years ago, he’s continued to give fans a steady dose of unreleased material. I’m not even sure how many of these unreleased gems are floating around out there, but it’s a lot.

And while we don’t know what he’ll be cutting for this upcoming album, here’s a few that might make the new record.

“Ever Mine”

“Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old”

“When It’s Raining”

Or my personal favorite…

“Used To Wish I Was”

And speaking of that upcoming bluegrass project, here’s the first song “The Great Divide” featuring Billy Strings.

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A beer bottle on a dock