Ashley Monroe Debuts “Til It Breaks,” The Second Song From Her Upcoming Album, ‘Rosegold’

Ashley Monroe is giving fans another taste of her forthcoming album, Rosegold, today with the latest track “Til It Breaks.” 

It’s another slow-tempo, psychedelic song where Ashley is prodding her lover to loosen up and let their walls down. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the project, because it seems like Ashley might be taking a different direction with this album, digging deeper into her creative ability as an artist.

The release is also accompanied by a new music video:

She’s hinted at the change of direction already in a recent interview with Garden and Gun, saying she was inspired by a range of feelings and artists that don’t necessarily fit into the “country” box:

“I’ve already seen some people say, ‘She was so country! I loved her! Why’d she change?’ But someone else can’t tell me what I am. I wrote all the songs and I’m singing all the parts, so it is me.

I’ll never not be able to write country songs—that’s the first thing I started writing. But I think sometimes people get attached to a name, or that you have to be this sound. I love traditional [country music], and I’m a keeper of the old just as much as I am a flag-flyer for the new.”

She’s previously released the first single, Drive, with the entire album set to release on April 30th. 

Here’s a look at the full track list:

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