WATCH: Wild Horse Stomps The Daylights Out Of Alligator In Florida

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Rule #1: don’t mess with the babies.

As a group of friends enjoyed their hike in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park south of Gainesville, Florida (2017), they witnessed something incredibly rare, yet very on-brand for Florida…

More craziness from the great outdoors

Only in Florida will you see a wild horse stomp the piss out of a gator as you meander around, snapping pics for your Instagram.

Obviously this crew got more than they bargained for as the great outdoors delivered a heavyweight showdown, leaving one gator lucky to still have a skull.

And here we go…

According to Krystal M. Berry, who captured the video, the gator appeared to survive the blow.

“I did contact the reserve to check on the horse and gator. There were no clear signs of distress/bleeding when we left the site.”

Of course she called the reserve to check on the horse and gator…

And the news segment.

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