Matthew McConaughey Launches YouTube Channel In The Most Matthew McConaughey Way Possible

Alright, alright, alright.

Matthew McConaugheyactor, philanthropist, sports guy, motivational speaker, professor, the man can do it all.

I’m still trying to figure out how this guy didn’t get voted as “the most interesting man in the world” for the Dos Equis commercials, but nevertheless, McConaughey knows how to connect with people. So much so, that he’s even considering running for Governor of Texas, but that’s another story…

A few days ago, he announced that he’s launching a YouTube channel to bring fans ever more McConaughey content. Discussing life, beliefs, past experiences, and a few raps and rhymes, food for thought and more, McConaughey promises to deliver “prescriptions in the art of livin’ that help me navigate this rodeo we all live in.”

A few months ago, he released his book, Greenlights, as well as a podcast of his favorite songs to listen to when “life gets a little out of sync” (this is where we found out McConaughey loves to listen to Sturgill Simpson by the way).

If this new channel is anything like his past work, we’re all in for a treat. The man has a way of making everything sound way cooler than it is, whether it’s talking to a bull on a Lincoln commercial, doing picks on ESPN College Football Gameday, or singing Willie Nelson tunes in the car with Snoop Dogg.

In a world oversaturated with content, this is one you can actually get excited for.

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