Blake Shelton To Release Limited-Edition “Austin” Vinyl For 20th Anniversary Of The Debut Single

Taking it all the way back to the beginning.

Blake Shelton has has a long and decorated career in the country music world, one that has taken him all the way from his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma, to Nashville and even all the way to Los Angeles, California (where he just bought a big-ass house).

And while many would argue (even his fellow judges on The Voice) that Blake has gone pretty Hollywood these days, he made some pretty good music back in the day.

Perhaps none better than his debut single “Austin.”

Released on April 16th, 2001, “Austin” was the first single Blake ever released, and to this day, it’s still probably my favorite. Back when he was rocking that glorious mullet…

And in celebration of the song’s 20th anniversary, Blake will be releasing a limited-edition vinyl.

“I remember the first time I heard ‘Austin’ on the radio. I was driving on 440, and I kept looking to both sides trying to see if other drivers were singing along!

At that time, the station had a slogan about how they played new artists and legends, and the DJ said something like, ‘Who knows… maybe this artist will become one of the legends.’ This song started it all for me. I couldn’t be prouder to celebrate its 20th anniversary.” 

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