Is Your Wedding Day Limo Burning Down On The Side Of The Highway A Bad Sign?

Has there ever been a bigger sign to not get married than this?

On the way to get married in Las Vegas, a bridal party had their special day interrupted when their limo quickly became engulfed in flames on I-15.

According to Fox 5, the limo was traveling on Interstate 15 when the bride smelled something burning. Moments later, smoke was coming out from underneath the driver’s seat and they immediately pulled over to evacuate the vehicle. Within minutes the limo exploded into a roadside fireball, blowing out all the windows.

Apparently it was a mechanical issue that caused the fire to start in the limousine, and VIP Limousines of Nevada was able to send a replacement to the scene in order to get the family on the way to the church.

The visual of the bride holding her dress up on the side of the road with flames billowing out of the car is just an insane look. Talk about bad omens. Also, aren’t you supposed to have a white limousine for a wedding? These are just the risks you take when you try to change things up.

Then again, “mechanical issue” sounds awfully vague… should more sinister motives be investigated? A jilted ex-lover? Crazy mother-in-law? Was the bride herself getting cold feet? The thing reeks of an inside job if you ask me…

In all seriousness though, luckily no one was hurt in this incident and the wedding was able to go on as planned thanks to the swift actions of the driver.

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