Darren Rovell Tells Man On Twitter That His Late Father’s Baseball Cards Are Junk

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Wow… that went south in hurry.

So a guy named Frankie Everitte finally gathered up the strength and emotions to go through his late father’s large collection of sports cards and decided to post it on Twitter in his memory. He tagged Darren Rovell, a self-proclaimed sports betting/memorabilia guru, in the Tweet, but something tells me he didn’t get the response he was looking for.

Rather than wishing him well on his hunt, or offering condolences on his dad, Darren felt the need to tell the guy that dad’s his collection was worthless.

“Pretty much all junk.”

Wow, Darren… way to kick a guy when he’s already down. Not to mention he’s doing something for his father who passed away. And you would think Rovell would at least try to explain himself, or maybe tell the guy he didn’t mean it like that. Nah.

He followed up his garbage tweet with more garbage:

“Seriously? This is your take? I’m trying to save him from wasting his time and money.”

Gee thanks… Saint Darren over here just trying to save people time and money. What a guy…

Oh, and as far as “junk” goes, look at this haul.

I’m seeing some Nolan Ryan, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr., John Elway… nobody is saying quit your day job and move to Hawaii, but not bad, not bad at all. Hell, I sure wouldn’t mind finding this collection in my basement.

Some Dale Earnhardt…

Although eventually, it looks like they might’ve talked it out.

But as Jake points out, it just took a little time to get there…

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