WATCH: Karen Attacks 13-Year-Old On The Slopes, Throws Huge Right Hook As She Screams “I’M A FEMALE!”

You forgot about the Karens, didn’t ya?

Things are looking up out there – the weather is warming, concerts are slowly but surely coming back, but, the Karens are still among us.

A video from the Carinthia area in Vermont picks up with an irate woman going after a group of 13-year-olds, and one kid gets the brunt of it. Because the video starts right with the action, we don’t have much context…that’s what the internet is for.

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One Reddit user said the following, based on a Facebook post shared by one of the kids (apparently).

“According the the people who posted the video on Facebook, the woman was filming her friend who was ‘lapping’ around the park, basically just riding the park trails without hitting any features. The woman was standing in front of a rail feature the kids wanted to hit and refused to get out of the way. The kid who was filming phone died where the video cuts off, but she continued to harass the kids and called them c-nts.”

You can hear the kid in the video call her the r-word (wooo boy, you’re askin’ for it), which lights her fuse, she runs over, shoves him a bunch, and throws a HUGE right hook.

The kid half-ass tries to protect himself as she screams,


Sheeeeeesh. Kid is lucky she didn’t connect with that haymaker; she must have hit the Tae Bo hard during quarantine.

No update yet on what the fallout was, stay tuned.

Here it is.

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