Comedian Josh Pray Hilariously Discovers Sturgill Simpson AKA “The Floyd Mayweather Of Country Music”

Josh Pray is BACK.

I’ve grown to really love Josh’s comedic rants about country music, and we get a new one each time he discovers another artist.

In the past year, he’s discovered everybody from Luke Combs and Cody Jinks, to Riley Green, Tyler Childers and a ton more. More recently, he shared his take on Eric Church’s “Stick That In Your Country Song,” his discovery of the great Alan Jackson, and even Koe, or “Koe-y” as Josh calls him, Wetzel, AKA “the Macho Man Randy Savage of Country Music.”

And now today, Josh is back with a fresh take on the music of the great Sturgill Simpson and Charlie Rich. And while I like Charlie Rich (especially that time he lit the envelope on fire at the CMA Awards), I’m here for that Sturgill Simpson.

Here’s a few of his best lines:

“You are the Floyd Mayweather of Country Music, that means you can’t be touched.”

“This man’s voice sounds like the sound your woman makes when it just go in”

“You are the dude from 300, you’re Xerxes without getting shot.”

“Charlie Rich was reincarnated in Sturgill Simpson.”

Sturgill himself even saw the video, sharing it to Instagram with the caption:

“Charlie Rich & Sturgill Simpson… Josh Pray knows how to make me cry. But how did he know I love pink Starburst AND Boys 2 Men?!?”

Good shit.

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