Drunk Man Pees In The Cabin After Ripping Shots & Beers Before A Flight, Gets Arrested

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Are we not even living in America anymore? What kind of country is this when you can’t get piss drunk (literally) on an airplane?

Unfortunately for 24-year old Landon Grier, seems like he might have gotten a little TOO drunk before his recent flight from Seattle to Denver.

According to an arrest affidavit, Grier had “several beers” and “a couple of shots” before boarding an Alaska Airlines flight out of Seattle on March 9.

I mean, that’s understandable. Flying fucking sucks, and now you can’t even get alcohol on flights because of COVID, so you have to go extra hard before you get on the plane. Sure, maybe not that hard, but the point still stands.

Later during the flight when an attendant tried to wake a sleeping (probably more like passed out) Grier to tell him to put on his mask, Grier allegedly began swatting at the flight attendant.

And as if assaulting a flight attendant wasn’t bad enough, here’s where shit really goes south: A little while later, a passenger alerted a flight attendant that Grier had stood up and was pissing in the cabin. According to the complaint, he whipped out his junk and tried to pee in a bag. Grier later claimed that he fell asleep on the plane and “awoke to being yelled at by the flight attendants who told him he was peeing.”

Imagine what his seatmates thought. It’s annoying enough to be crammed in beside strangers on a plane, but then that stranger gets up and just starts taking a leak in his seat? Get me the hell off this plane.

Now I’m not going to say that I’ve never been “too drunk to know where you’re pissing” drunk, but I can definitely say that I’ve never been “too drunk to know that you’re pissing on an airplane in front of a crowd of people” drunk. Once you’ve reached that point, you’re in a bad place.

Well, long story short, the place that Grier’s in now is jail.

Once the flight landed, Grier was arrested and charged with a federal count of interfering with a flight crew and attendants, a charge that carries up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

After he was arrested, Grier told federal agents that he had no recollection of hitting the flight attendant, and didn’t know he was peeing, so that’s a pretty good indication of how far gone this dude was.

So I guess the good news is he doesn’t have to remember making an ass out of himself on an airplane. But the bad news is he still has to face the consequences in court.

The moral of the story: Drink before you get on the plane. Just not THAT much.

Gives a whole new meaning to getting drunk on a plane.

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