16 Ways The Shower Beer Helps You Solve The Problem Of Life

A hand holding a can of beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon

If you haven’t had a beer in the shower recently, are you really living? No. You’re not.

The shower beer is, without question, the most underrated way to consume alcohol. There are universal forces converging for an experience and feeling that just can’t be matched. These last 12 months have been brutal for many – we all deserve copious amounts of shower beers this spring and summer.

Shower beers = better life.

The facts…

16. It signifies work being over.

15. It makes you more creative.

(studies have shown a couple alcoholic drinks can boost creativity…trust me, it’s true)

14. You then solve the problem of life.

13. Have a cold? Shower beers can get rid of that.

Look, I don’t know about you, but a hot shower and a cold beer will fix you right up. Maybe whiskey will do it better, regardless, give it a try.

12. You’re doing something totally awesome while you do something totally normal.

11. It tastes better in there, for whatever reason.

10. You’ll get some good thinking done. You’ll have arguments with yourself, and you’ll always win. You’ll create fake scenarios and always come out on top.

9. You’re drinking a beer naked.

8. You’re drinking a beer.

7. It’s the perfect pregame.

6. You’re killing a couple three or four birds with one stone.

5. Put on some country music to set the mood and you’ve now cracked the code of the universe.

4. If you spill, f*ck it, doesn’t matter in there.

3. It’s the ultimate relaxer. Maybe you won’t be so productive after. All good.

2. It’s the best form of multitasking known to man. Plus, you can just pee right there.

1. You deserve it because you’ve earned it. What a shit last 12 months it has been. Go getchya some.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock