Truly Unveils New 8% ABV “Extra” Hard Seltzer Tallboys

A row of colorful cans

Bigger. Stronger. Drunker.

Truly is rolling out their latest addition to the family, Truly Extra Hard Seltzer. With an upgrade to 8% ABV, a few of these will about be enough to knock you on your ass (or have you talking out of your ass, either or).

The new flavors include Blue Raspberry and Peach Mango, and come in 16oz tallboys, almost making me want to draw comparisons to Four Lokos (but I can’t do that without having horrible flashbacks).

Seltzer fan or not, you gotta respect Truly for wanting to up their hard seltzer game a little bit. There is a zillion on the market (a literal zillion) and they all pretty much taste the same, so what’s gonna set them apart? More bang for you buck.

Gimme more alcohol any day of the week.

A can of soda

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock