Remember When Texas Football Brought In A Hypnotist?

Football coaches across the nation do whatever they can to motivate their players. A lot of times, schools will bring in motivational speakers, bring in a private zoo (looking at you Joe Maddon), or even take them to historical places to help bond the team together even more.

But for the University of Texas, they tried a method that’s a bit more unorthodox… and that method is hypnosis.

Professional hypnotist Jonathan Yeagar visited the Longhorns football team back in August of 2019, and I don’t think I have ever seen something more hilarious and mind-blowing at the same time.

I can confirm that hypnosis in real life isn’t your stereotypical “swing a necklace until you start to get sleepy,” or at least it isn’t for Yeagar.

In the video, he simply puts his hand against people’s faces, and before they even have time to think, they’re out like a light. And once he has the players under his control, they have to do everything he tells them to do… and they do it.

From making the players act like they are driving a car, to telling them to get in odd seating positions, the hypnotist has them all under his spell.

I gotta say, I was a little skeptical on the whole hypnotism thing, but this video has turned me into a believer.

Ultimately, Texas didn’t have the best season in 2019… so who really knows what the goal was here. But then again, if this doesn’t help you win games, nothing will.

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